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In The Walled Garden

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Submission has become a dirty word,
antiquated like the sword.
We have liberated society of its bond,
a submissive heart we no longer find fond.

But has this word been fairly judged,
or unjustly submitted to the cudgel?
The Bible says wives submit,
is this one verse our weighing limit?

Any verse in isolation
has the power to bring condemnation.
We must read verse holistically,
if we at to avoid being spiritually sickly.

We look to Christ who first submits;
first to Father, then to sin’s punishment.
Rather than a response to oppression above,
in true fom it’s an expression of love.

Before even wives are mentioned, 
the church is given its petition.
All are to submit to one another,
one having no higher place than other.

Likewise this is ideal in marriage,
as two horses draw a carriage.
Follow not the model of king in castle,
rather helping each other in life’s tussle

A wife shows love by her act of submission,
as Christ yielded all to Father’s mission.
Love in submission Christ molded for us
As His body was laid in a tomb at dusk

In this way a husband is to love his wife
willing and ready to give all, even life.
Rather than seeking selfish ambition,
he is to cherish her as his act of capitulation.

By Christ we are adored and held in tenderness,
should we treat our spouse no less.
We all must let the Spirit stay our pride
and love each other as Christ’s bride.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why Hell?

Your prophets and teachers preach that You are love
If that is true how can You judge so harsh from above
Why does so much hinge on but one choice
Why must I yield you Lord and proclaim it with voice
How is it that we who see vaguely through a veil
Receive the penalty for one wrong choice of hell
It is not fair that we should be in such peril
You could have at least sent us a herald

Then you said to me, “What about My church,
Her apostles and preacher’s speak from their perch
They warn of  mankind's sin and its state
And how I became man and died to clear the slate”

I ask, “But why is this price so great
A price in which man could never get through Your gate
What hope did man have once we ate that accursed fruit
We even failed to repent after the flood and Noah’s reboot"

You ask, “What price would be suitable for rejecting your God,
Who created you, knowing you would succumb to the odds
Yet I loved you and withheld My judgement until such a day
When you would hear my call and allow Me to pay

You see the price is so great because Great was rejected
When you reject Me, by whom else can you be accepted
Evil and true good are impossible to be co-located
Because you see evil is only good vacated

I being Good, you choose to engage in self-worshipping evil
How is there any fate for you to share but that of the devil
One sin marks from the start that you are void of good
But out of love I sent My Son, who in your place stood
Blood untainted was what is prescribed for sin
A sacrifice unblemished would the atonement be in
Hell is not My desire for the devil or you
He made his final choice now you must too

There are only two places you can be
One is with he who turned you from Me
The other is with Me throughout eternity
Choose against me and you must share his destiny

Monday, July 18, 2016


Look at this mirror and what do you see
Is everything as it should be
Built for a purpose by the Great King

To bear His image, to reflect His glory
But poor is my reflection, failed is my story
I am a mirror now shattered and deformed

A new image I did try to show
One that I chose, a reflection of my own
Created for the Holy, I chose my own glory

Broken and cracked from the weight of my sin
Doomed for destruction, no more hope therein
But rather than demolish, He chose to refurbish

My frame was once splintered and dented
Now it is sanded and carefully mended
Coated in a stain that was red of His making

The glass that fractured and poorly reflecting
Now replaced by a new understanding
His intended image now my countenance

Friday, July 15, 2016

On The Trail

Out the door with my feet on trail head
Surrounded by crisp, cold mountain air
Shaking off the stiffness set on by bed
With danger hidden up ahead, still I dare

I trek along the long mountain trail
With tall dark trees on both sides
As darkness subsided, dawn is lights veil
Lurking is a purring huntress near by

Ahead the trail becomes two
Drawn by the transcendent Guide
Who shows what I must do
Ignore the trail that's wide

Trek ends at the destination
Embraced by warmth of the Son
In exuberant worship and exaltation
His love absolute, never to be undone

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Four Shades

(Based on Charles Spurgeon's "Under His Shade" link to sermon at bottom)

There is a place that is secret still
Protected by His shadow's shade
In abide by submission to His will
Covered and sealed by the price paid

He is the Rock, Tree, Wing and Hand
When we are placed under His four shades
We are complete and ready to stand
For us there is no fear at hates raid

The Rock stands firmly in place
The only place to quench thirst
Fleeing from the beast Christ faced
Protected from evil, loved by First

Righteousness so great our sins did affront
Justice absolute demands recompense
With penalty decreed God stepped down in front
His love thus shields from the price of offense

A rock so great, a mighty country contained
Great in number her citizens
With sweet rivers, refreshed and sustained
Secure are those named in Heaven

In the Tree's shade we find our rest
With grace and peace we are assured
Its fruit above all else is best
In it we are found fully nurtured

To dance and celebrate with merriment
Full of joy and mirth in His presence
God showers His children in excitement
With His rapturous eminence

Rest in God is not licensed laziness
But work conducted through His sustenance
The sloth that sits in shade shall be less
Because to serve the Lord is our existence

When torrent storms outside do rage
I seek the shadows of His wing
His warmth and comfort become a cage
Protecting me when fear begins to ring

When lonely, depressed and tormented
To Him I seek His loving embrace
Defined by Him for I He created
No other opinion shall take its place

If we but put our trust in Him
Our self-image shall be secure
But tainted it is apart from Him
In isolation no hope to endure

Secured such we seek His Hand
Pierced through that which man hath wrought
By His act of sacrifice we stand
Priest and heirs of His kingdom bought

A kingdom at hand and supremely grand
Her King leads the army from the front
His emissaries the Church now stands
Which will not break to evil's affront

Out to the lost we now do go
Proclaiming the gospel to the enslaved
Salvation to those who wish to be known
For the narrow road by Christ been paved

In Christ's shadow we do stand
Free from the penalty He had paid
Secure in Rock, Tree, Wing and Hand
Rest assured in the decision we have made

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Despised, rejected and casted aside
Trying so hard just to hide
A life I live in masquerade
Afraid and sinking without aid

A hope is cast upon my path
No longer doomed to my aftermath
A tab paid long ago
All it cost me is ego

A hand with hole reaches down
A named that exceeds all renown
To His account I plead entrance
With that I enter a new existence


Waves crash against its walls
Stains and weathers as it falls
Still upright it stands tall
To serve as warning to all

Its light shoots across the sky
Searching with its watchful eye
For those that would travel by
All that seek warned death is nigh

Man made towers warn doom is near
Showing all that rocks are near
God made creatures, His image we bear
Showing all that He is always near

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Healer

I do not under stand why here I am
But I do know my Healer the Great I Am
My trust is in Him through my struggle 
Even as in pain, clouded by trouble
I know Christ is sufficient 
And I will praise Jesus, reliant

Freed to Live

Fear drives to despair
But to You I shall draw near
Though torrent fills the air
To you I shall strain to hear
Though life bogs like mud
I shall be reminded of Your blood
The past bares its painful mark
But Your love frees my heart
To You it I freely give
Now free to truly live

Monday, July 11, 2016


A relationship severed
   by life's harsh choices
A sound once revered
   now only new voices
The heartbeat fore-learned
   but a new rhythm discerned
New voices soon sooth
   as familiarity builds anew
Love becomes truth
   as trust becomes knew
A chosen one cherished
   special are those adopted

Saturday, July 9, 2016

In The Walled Garden

In the walled garden there are two trees
One gnarled and bent overshadows with leaves
The other is tall with a trunk straight and thick
Both with boughs some in bud but most barren and sick

Enters the Gardener through the but one gate
Stern is His gaze and determined his gait
At the straight tree, judicious and fair His study
In hand are shears that are sharp and ready

With movements sure and quick boughs begin to fall
Then His servants gather round to remove all
To a fire they bounded that shall not be quenched
New fuel is added without so much a flinch

To the gnarled tree He did now inquiry
Bowing his head to prepare for what must transpire
With blood and sweat he set to his undertaking
With care he removed budded bough without breaking

Under heavy burden he carries budded wood
A task so great no other could
With craftsman care boughs are soon grafted in
Where once there was tame now the wild limbs therein

From task complete he is worn out
Ground is stained from His blood poured out
The blood poured out the straight tree drinks in
With nourishment complete, fruit now rippen

Fully alive and returned to His Glory
His servants round gnarled tree armed and ready
Awaiting his call the axes will fall
With His final judgement once and for all

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Road Wide

I walk upon a road that's wide
With lust to excite, no exit on side
Desire is fed on platter high
No work for hunger to subside

I walk upon a road that's wide
Hunger not so easy to subside
My lust is now my driving force
A man to beast, no place to hide

I walk upon a road that's wide
Trudging past a straight road beside
The road straight and narrow without fuss
Lust but drives me on the road wide

I walk upon a road that's wide
On hands and knees I hug the side
Weighed down by rebellious lust
Spurred on by multitude of road wide

I walk upon a road that's wide
Which twists again by narrow road's side
A call so sweet I shan't resist
With a pull I am off road wide

No Longer on the road that's wide
Road straight and narrow I now reside
Companion no mere passerby
The King Divine with wound on side

Now on the road that's narrow
Trust in Him shall yield no sorrow
A God and King inflicted for me
I look forward to my eternal morrow



A city in turmoil as hope evades
Joy destroyed as hate engaged
Five brave now laid with hates rain
A world in decay as it waits His reign

Evil both seen and hidden from view
Families sundered as attacks renew
Civility cast aside as if were wicker
As creation awaits her true Victor

Lust and rage in defeat lash out
Trying in vain to drive His image out
But days are short as Host prepares
The King soon returns, to evil’s despair

Prayer 7

Prayer 7.        

My Lord, my God, my beacon of hope in a dark place. Lord my room is growing dark and the walls are closing in. All I can do is look down at the ground because I am oppressed from all sides. I close my eyes and brace for the next volley of attacks. I have no hope, no joy, and no comfort. When the attacks cease all I have strength to do is weep and bandage my wounds with dirty rags off the floor of my iniquity. The infection of my sin sets in and all I feel is pain, cold and isolation. I have closed out all sources of light, all warmth and all comfort. Once I let you comfort me, once I let you examine my sores; but the sight of my afflictions was too great to bear and I fled from Your light. The knowledge of my transgression became a weight around my neck. You said "I will carry your iniquity; I can bear your burden. Let me heal your affliction, let me warm your soul. I am your hope, I am your Savior." But I could not bear the sweetness of Your voice, I could not relinquish my hate, nature or life. Now I sit in a room that was once bright, warm and joyful; but is not dirty, dark and smells of rot. But wait I hear something sweet again, as I still the voice of anguish and strain my ears I hear the song of hope and restoration, it is soft and gentle. I strain to lift my eyes and see a crack in my wall and then feel the gentle breeze of comfort force its way through. I see a soft glow of radiance through the hole of a nail print hand. And then I hear the voice say, "Take my hand my little one I am here. I have found you, but you must take my hand." I move to reach out to grab hold of the hand. I whimper from the ache of muscles that have only moved in convulsion. I cry out "I cannot reach you, help me", as I fall forward to the floor, all my strength is spent. I begin to weep, all my hope is lost and I did not have the strength to reach my sanctuary. Then I feel You pull me to the crack, which is now a gaping hole, I am lifted out of my prison into a brilliance of light and warmth. But I do not recoil; my eyes embrace the light with joy and exhilaration. Then I hear you say "When you could not come to me I came to you. I heard your cry and not even your weakness could keep me away. Come and feed my little sheep, grow strong in My love and on My word." AMEN

Prayer 6

Prayer 6      

Praise to you my loving God; He who lights my path and directs me where to go.  Without your guidance I am lost with no hope of progress but rather the promise of failure.  When I have the oars in hand I row in circles, in frustration I kick and the holes of my wrath allow the weight of the world in.  The more I am burdened the more frantic I become and the faster I decent down the drain of despair.  Only when I set the oars down and allow You to push me along do I have assurance of eternal safety.  Only you when I allow You to show me where I have breaches in my hull and cover them with Your truth and love do I start to rise in the water.  Only when I submit to Your will and ways does my voyage begin.  No longer am I lost at sea without hope or provision. You my God are the captain of my soul. Help me to always submit to Your will, help my will to be a reflection of Your will always and not my attempt to grab for the oars.  Break my stubbornness on the waves so that I in my humility see Your glory magnified.  Amen.

Prayer 5

Prayer 5.  

My Lord God, Gardner of my soul.  I was a wilted sapling clinging to my crack of despair, withering from the heat of the hate of this world and of myself.  No more was there water in this rocky wasteland, no more did the ground provide its nourishment. Then You took notice of me, when I was about to release my grip on the world.  You God saw me in my weakness, a root of no value, and with tender care and the tools of Your affection dug me out of that crag.  You carried me to a place of good soil and told my roots to spread out and dig deep.  You provided Your living water and fed me with the nourishment of Your love. Now my stem has been strengthened and my boughs reach towards Your presence. I am again green with new life and the buds of Your work are in bloom.  Guide my fruit to ripeness and remove the pests and vermin of my past from my limbs.  My fruit is yours and for all you wish to partake of it.  I am a tree of Your salvation, allow my leaves to always rustle with the wind of your righteousness.  Amen.

Prayer 4

Prayer 4  

My Eternal King, Counselor, Helper, and Father; I strive in vain to change my will, to be good and obedient, but the more I try the more I fail.  I steady my aim at the target of morality and send my bolts of work flying through the air, but always the target moves or my bolt fails.  No matter how long I aim with wobbly arms, only a few bolts even land near the mark, but never on.  I got myself into the mess, so I should be able to get myself out of it; but I cannot. I see that I was never meant to or able; always I was to rely on Your strength, Your vision, and your aim. When I submit to You, You lift my bow. When I trust in You, You draw my string.  When I yield to You, You steady my aim. And when I let go of control, You send my bolt through the mark.  Teach me Lord to submit, teach me to trust, teach me to yield, and teach me to let go.  Because I will not be able to do it without you, I am powerless without your strength and hopeless without your love. I yield to you my God. Amen.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Your Love so Pure

Your Love so Pure

Your love so pure
With great patience endure
Though I submit to test
Your love proves best

When broken hearted, your love pours out
It heals me from inside out
I yearn for your very presence
To meld with my mere essence

A Life Lived

A Life Lived

Out of the dark I came into light
Anticipated but yet unknown 
Seeing shapes moving in the bright 
Listening for the voices that I had known

Every desire met upon my utter
Never in want for more than moment
Attention never wasted on another
Shielded from all danger and torment

The fall from worship was slow but sure
From Queen to maid was all I knew
A cry once summoned all to my allure
Now they drive me out with the dew

Emotions exploding with a short fuse
Driven by passions that are all very new
A body awkward and ripening, but soon to amuse
Again to be worshipped by half all anew 

Seeking and searching for hope brokenhearted
Not broken by love but deeper within
Altar approached repentant and prostrated
A Father and Savior in love drawing me in

A promise is spoken before all
Bound to another by oath to God
No longer alone to protect from the fall
One flesh made whole to face the odds

Two become three as consummation grows
Anticipation grows to meet my unknown
With pain and tears, screams turn to moans
With but one cry, Joy becomes known

Three become five as math is conducted
Joy turns to anger and then consternation
As a husband leaves a Savior inducted
Five become four but Christ my provision

Boys become men and girl a lady
Four become seven as they soon marry
Soon a new title is given by a baby
As I look back on a life that was merry

Christ has been present through all the toil
Always He taught me, even though there was trouble
But soon I will be under the soil
To be awaken again by the sound of the Treble

The world renewed to its redeemed Bliss
Loved ones united to dine with their Lord
No pain, no death and sorrow never to miss
Eternal happiness is promised, a soon reward

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Prayer 3

Lord God, Praise be to Your Holy Name; Your presence lifts my soul.  When I am down and dejected I come to Your throne room in humble submission and prostrate before you.  But rather than taking my worship and rejecting me; You like a tender Father bend down to me and lift my eyes to You; the warmth of your gaze ignites my soul, burning away all that is not of You.  The more I seek Your presence the more of my flesh nature is consumed; You use the ashes of my past as the mortar of Your work.  Thank you Lord for finding value in me, thank you for removing the darkness that consumed my peace, joy and hope.  Your Light has washed me, filled me and restored me.  Your call pierced the darkness of my heart when it was about to cease.  Your voice cleared away the fog of my mind as I was about to plunge into the abyss.  You are the path of my salvation, the bridge of my hope, and the sanctuary of my peace.  Amen.

Prayer 2

My Lord and Savior, Great are you.  Awesome is Your might and power.  Show me my weakness, magnify my lowliness.  Show me that all that I pride myself in is either a pale reflection of Your Glory or an illusion of my mind.  Empty me Lord of myself and fill me with Yourself.  Let Your will become my will, let Your work become my work.  You humbled Yourself so that I may be lifted up.  Not lifted up in my own glory, but rather out of my mire.  Before your call I magnified my worthlessness, now I am tempted to magnify my self-proclaimed greatness.  Before I focused only on myself and now I still focus only on myself.  Lord the wickedness  of my soul runs deep; whether I am destroying your work or claiming it, my pride is the yeast of my own destruction.  I plead my great and merciful God shower me with Your Loving Presence.  Wash this pride off and out of me daily; break me on Your cross so that all I am is in Your Identity.  Daily make me a new creation of Your desire through Your love.   Amen

Prayer 1

Lord, My God, My Savior; I know how Great You are, how mighty.  I know You love me and desire a greater relationship with me.  You desire I seek You out as a child seeks out a parent who is hiding waiting for the child to find them.  I pray Father that You kindle that love in me, I pray You fan the ember of my love for You into a raging fire that consumes me completely.  I pray that my love for You is so great that it starts a fire in those who are around me; that they see Your Light and Warmth radiating from me and seek out the source of that flame, which can only be You.  Move me from an intellectual allegiance to a passionate relationship.  Show me how to love you better and with my complete being.  No Lord, change me from a "being" to a 'belonging".  Change me Lord so that I belong to only You and that I be longing for more of You always.  When Satan attempts to lure into adultery (Spiritual), clarify my vision to see that nothing he has to offer comes close to Your love.  Rather where Your love edifies and lifts me, his lust only destroys and rots through vain pleasures.  Teach me to worship out of love and passion, rather than mere obedience.  No help my obedience be a response of my love and passion, a necessary side effect.  You are a great and good God and Lover of my soul.  Heal me today so I may know you better tomorrow. Amen


Eyes impure are only wanton
Of the Glory of Your Mountain
Holy City which rests on High
With solo way to travel by

The Lamb has paved the bloody road
Which we transverse to abode
A gift so sweet, yet undeserved
Awaken by call, blessed to serve

Those that bear that precious Name
Imputed righteousness escapes the flame
Clothed in white with diadem
In raiment fit His Kingdom 

Why do some reject the gift so fair
With love of self they accept their pare
Eternal doom a choice away
A fool’s errand to ignore the Way


Faith so fair there is no despair
Grace doled out I shall not doubt
Joy abound fear shall not hound
Hope enjoyed I shall not be annoyed
Salvation assured I will not be demurred
Restored anew that the familiar never knew
A Savior indeed that Christ be
Jesus I love but first He loved me