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Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Life Lived

A Life Lived

Out of the dark I came into light
Anticipated but yet unknown 
Seeing shapes moving in the bright 
Listening for the voices that I had known

Every desire met upon my utter
Never in want for more than moment
Attention never wasted on another
Shielded from all danger and torment

The fall from worship was slow but sure
From Queen to maid was all I knew
A cry once summoned all to my allure
Now they drive me out with the dew

Emotions exploding with a short fuse
Driven by passions that are all very new
A body awkward and ripening, but soon to amuse
Again to be worshipped by half all anew 

Seeking and searching for hope brokenhearted
Not broken by love but deeper within
Altar approached repentant and prostrated
A Father and Savior in love drawing me in

A promise is spoken before all
Bound to another by oath to God
No longer alone to protect from the fall
One flesh made whole to face the odds

Two become three as consummation grows
Anticipation grows to meet my unknown
With pain and tears, screams turn to moans
With but one cry, Joy becomes known

Three become five as math is conducted
Joy turns to anger and then consternation
As a husband leaves a Savior inducted
Five become four but Christ my provision

Boys become men and girl a lady
Four become seven as they soon marry
Soon a new title is given by a baby
As I look back on a life that was merry

Christ has been present through all the toil
Always He taught me, even though there was trouble
But soon I will be under the soil
To be awaken again by the sound of the Treble

The world renewed to its redeemed Bliss
Loved ones united to dine with their Lord
No pain, no death and sorrow never to miss
Eternal happiness is promised, a soon reward