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In The Walled Garden

Monday, July 18, 2016


Look at this mirror and what do you see
Is everything as it should be
Built for a purpose by the Great King

To bear His image, to reflect His glory
But poor is my reflection, failed is my story
I am a mirror now shattered and deformed

A new image I did try to show
One that I chose, a reflection of my own
Created for the Holy, I chose my own glory

Broken and cracked from the weight of my sin
Doomed for destruction, no more hope therein
But rather than demolish, He chose to refurbish

My frame was once splintered and dented
Now it is sanded and carefully mended
Coated in a stain that was red of His making

The glass that fractured and poorly reflecting
Now replaced by a new understanding
His intended image now my countenance