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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Four Shades

(Based on Charles Spurgeon's "Under His Shade" link to sermon at bottom)

There is a place that is secret still
Protected by His shadow's shade
In abide by submission to His will
Covered and sealed by the price paid

He is the Rock, Tree, Wing and Hand
When we are placed under His four shades
We are complete and ready to stand
For us there is no fear at hates raid

The Rock stands firmly in place
The only place to quench thirst
Fleeing from the beast Christ faced
Protected from evil, loved by First

Righteousness so great our sins did affront
Justice absolute demands recompense
With penalty decreed God stepped down in front
His love thus shields from the price of offense

A rock so great, a mighty country contained
Great in number her citizens
With sweet rivers, refreshed and sustained
Secure are those named in Heaven

In the Tree's shade we find our rest
With grace and peace we are assured
Its fruit above all else is best
In it we are found fully nurtured

To dance and celebrate with merriment
Full of joy and mirth in His presence
God showers His children in excitement
With His rapturous eminence

Rest in God is not licensed laziness
But work conducted through His sustenance
The sloth that sits in shade shall be less
Because to serve the Lord is our existence

When torrent storms outside do rage
I seek the shadows of His wing
His warmth and comfort become a cage
Protecting me when fear begins to ring

When lonely, depressed and tormented
To Him I seek His loving embrace
Defined by Him for I He created
No other opinion shall take its place

If we but put our trust in Him
Our self-image shall be secure
But tainted it is apart from Him
In isolation no hope to endure

Secured such we seek His Hand
Pierced through that which man hath wrought
By His act of sacrifice we stand
Priest and heirs of His kingdom bought

A kingdom at hand and supremely grand
Her King leads the army from the front
His emissaries the Church now stands
Which will not break to evil's affront

Out to the lost we now do go
Proclaiming the gospel to the enslaved
Salvation to those who wish to be known
For the narrow road by Christ been paved

In Christ's shadow we do stand
Free from the penalty He had paid
Secure in Rock, Tree, Wing and Hand
Rest assured in the decision we have made