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In The Walled Garden

Saturday, July 9, 2016

In The Walled Garden

In the walled garden there are two trees
One gnarled and bent overshadows with leaves
The other is tall with a trunk straight and thick
Both with boughs some in bud but most barren and sick

Enters the Gardener through the but one gate
Stern is His gaze and determined his gait
At the straight tree, judicious and fair His study
In hand are shears that are sharp and ready

With movements sure and quick boughs begin to fall
Then His servants gather round to remove all
To a fire they bounded that shall not be quenched
New fuel is added without so much a flinch

To the gnarled tree He did now inquiry
Bowing his head to prepare for what must transpire
With blood and sweat he set to his undertaking
With care he removed budded bough without breaking

Under heavy burden he carries budded wood
A task so great no other could
With craftsman care boughs are soon grafted in
Where once there was tame now the wild limbs therein

From task complete he is worn out
Ground is stained from His blood poured out
The blood poured out the straight tree drinks in
With nourishment complete, fruit now rippen

Fully alive and returned to His Glory
His servants round gnarled tree armed and ready
Awaiting his call the axes will fall
With His final judgement once and for all