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In The Walled Garden

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Prayer 1

Lord, My God, My Savior; I know how Great You are, how mighty.  I know You love me and desire a greater relationship with me.  You desire I seek You out as a child seeks out a parent who is hiding waiting for the child to find them.  I pray Father that You kindle that love in me, I pray You fan the ember of my love for You into a raging fire that consumes me completely.  I pray that my love for You is so great that it starts a fire in those who are around me; that they see Your Light and Warmth radiating from me and seek out the source of that flame, which can only be You.  Move me from an intellectual allegiance to a passionate relationship.  Show me how to love you better and with my complete being.  No Lord, change me from a "being" to a 'belonging".  Change me Lord so that I belong to only You and that I be longing for more of You always.  When Satan attempts to lure into adultery (Spiritual), clarify my vision to see that nothing he has to offer comes close to Your love.  Rather where Your love edifies and lifts me, his lust only destroys and rots through vain pleasures.  Teach me to worship out of love and passion, rather than mere obedience.  No help my obedience be a response of my love and passion, a necessary side effect.  You are a great and good God and Lover of my soul.  Heal me today so I may know you better tomorrow. Amen