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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Prayer 2

My Lord and Savior, Great are you.  Awesome is Your might and power.  Show me my weakness, magnify my lowliness.  Show me that all that I pride myself in is either a pale reflection of Your Glory or an illusion of my mind.  Empty me Lord of myself and fill me with Yourself.  Let Your will become my will, let Your work become my work.  You humbled Yourself so that I may be lifted up.  Not lifted up in my own glory, but rather out of my mire.  Before your call I magnified my worthlessness, now I am tempted to magnify my self-proclaimed greatness.  Before I focused only on myself and now I still focus only on myself.  Lord the wickedness  of my soul runs deep; whether I am destroying your work or claiming it, my pride is the yeast of my own destruction.  I plead my great and merciful God shower me with Your Loving Presence.  Wash this pride off and out of me daily; break me on Your cross so that all I am is in Your Identity.  Daily make me a new creation of Your desire through Your love.   Amen