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In The Walled Garden

Friday, July 8, 2016

Prayer 7

Prayer 7.        

My Lord, my God, my beacon of hope in a dark place. Lord my room is growing dark and the walls are closing in. All I can do is look down at the ground because I am oppressed from all sides. I close my eyes and brace for the next volley of attacks. I have no hope, no joy, and no comfort. When the attacks cease all I have strength to do is weep and bandage my wounds with dirty rags off the floor of my iniquity. The infection of my sin sets in and all I feel is pain, cold and isolation. I have closed out all sources of light, all warmth and all comfort. Once I let you comfort me, once I let you examine my sores; but the sight of my afflictions was too great to bear and I fled from Your light. The knowledge of my transgression became a weight around my neck. You said "I will carry your iniquity; I can bear your burden. Let me heal your affliction, let me warm your soul. I am your hope, I am your Savior." But I could not bear the sweetness of Your voice, I could not relinquish my hate, nature or life. Now I sit in a room that was once bright, warm and joyful; but is not dirty, dark and smells of rot. But wait I hear something sweet again, as I still the voice of anguish and strain my ears I hear the song of hope and restoration, it is soft and gentle. I strain to lift my eyes and see a crack in my wall and then feel the gentle breeze of comfort force its way through. I see a soft glow of radiance through the hole of a nail print hand. And then I hear the voice say, "Take my hand my little one I am here. I have found you, but you must take my hand." I move to reach out to grab hold of the hand. I whimper from the ache of muscles that have only moved in convulsion. I cry out "I cannot reach you, help me", as I fall forward to the floor, all my strength is spent. I begin to weep, all my hope is lost and I did not have the strength to reach my sanctuary. Then I feel You pull me to the crack, which is now a gaping hole, I am lifted out of my prison into a brilliance of light and warmth. But I do not recoil; my eyes embrace the light with joy and exhilaration. Then I hear you say "When you could not come to me I came to you. I heard your cry and not even your weakness could keep me away. Come and feed my little sheep, grow strong in My love and on My word." AMEN