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In The Walled Garden

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Submission has become a dirty word,
antiquated like the sword.
We have liberated society of its bond,
a submissive heart we no longer find fond.

But has this word been fairly judged,
or unjustly submitted to the cudgel?
The Bible says wives submit,
is this one verse our weighing limit?

Any verse in isolation
has the power to bring condemnation.
We must read verse holistically,
if we at to avoid being spiritually sickly.

We look to Christ who first submits;
first to Father, then to sin’s punishment.
Rather than a response to oppression above,
in true fom it’s an expression of love.

Before even wives are mentioned, 
the church is given its petition.
All are to submit to one another,
one having no higher place than other.

Likewise this is ideal in marriage,
as two horses draw a carriage.
Follow not the model of king in castle,
rather helping each other in life’s tussle

A wife shows love by her act of submission,
as Christ yielded all to Father’s mission.
Love in submission Christ molded for us
As His body was laid in a tomb at dusk

In this way a husband is to love his wife
willing and ready to give all, even life.
Rather than seeking selfish ambition,
he is to cherish her as his act of capitulation.

By Christ we are adored and held in tenderness,
should we treat our spouse no less.
We all must let the Spirit stay our pride
and love each other as Christ’s bride.