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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why Hell?

Your prophets and teachers preach that You are love
If that is true how can You judge so harsh from above
Why does so much hinge on but one choice
Why must I yield you Lord and proclaim it with voice
How is it that we who see vaguely through a veil
Receive the penalty for one wrong choice of hell
It is not fair that we should be in such peril
You could have at least sent us a herald

Then you said to me, “What about My church,
Her apostles and preacher’s speak from their perch
They warn of  mankind's sin and its state
And how I became man and died to clear the slate”

I ask, “But why is this price so great
A price in which man could never get through Your gate
What hope did man have once we ate that accursed fruit
We even failed to repent after the flood and Noah’s reboot"

You ask, “What price would be suitable for rejecting your God,
Who created you, knowing you would succumb to the odds
Yet I loved you and withheld My judgement until such a day
When you would hear my call and allow Me to pay

You see the price is so great because Great was rejected
When you reject Me, by whom else can you be accepted
Evil and true good are impossible to be co-located
Because you see evil is only good vacated

I being Good, you choose to engage in self-worshipping evil
How is there any fate for you to share but that of the devil
One sin marks from the start that you are void of good
But out of love I sent My Son, who in your place stood
Blood untainted was what is prescribed for sin
A sacrifice unblemished would the atonement be in
Hell is not My desire for the devil or you
He made his final choice now you must too

There are only two places you can be
One is with he who turned you from Me
The other is with Me throughout eternity
Choose against me and you must share his destiny